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Green Goodness
Yoga Practice

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Looking to reduce your weight without workout  


looking to maintain and improve your fitness and strength


Looking to gain mental health along with flexibility

"Let food be your medicine and let your medicines wave good bye to you."

Green Goodness

1.Weight Management


Weight management via diet plan and lifestyle changes

As a part of consultation, we shall help you through out your weight reduction  Journey : Call/Email/Chat



Diet science Intro


Customized Diet Plan


e-Recipe Book


Multiple Tips and Tricks

Body type calculation

I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health

Fitness Class

2.Fitness  Program

Zumba Class

Fitness via Dance, Cardio, Zumba, Mat workout, Running and Cross fitness

Online Dance workouts and strength training are in progress, call us as per your interest and time slot we will share the Video links for the classes



Zumba Classes


Cross fitness


Mat workouts


Personal Fitness Training

Dance Cardio workout

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita

Child's Pose

3. Yoga Program

Yoga Pose

Yoga for overall wellbeing

Online Yoga classes  are in progress, call us as per your interested Yoga program and time slot, we will share the Video links for the classes


Yoga for Overall well Being


Advance Yoga


Personal Yoga training

Check out the inspiring Success stories of our Clients!

Check out few inspiring Feedback of our Clients!


Payal Loya,


Business woman, 22 KG lost : I have tried every possible technique to reduce my weight and failed, thanks to the TFP coaches, i could able to see the positive results in short span of time.

I always got a personalized support from them, 


Monika Chandrakar, Germany

House wife, 13+ KG lost: I was struggling with post delivery weight, which brought leg pain and many other health issues, Thanks to my husband who introduced their service to me, now not only i have reduced weight but also my body pain disappeared. 


Tapan Dantre,


Software Manager: 10+ KG lost,

Coaches are very friendly and supportive, their response time and flexibility towards any query was amazing. I always felt connected thought out my diet period. 

Also watch few inspiring video testimonials of our Clients!


1000+ Happy Clients

Average 6+Kg weight loss

500+ Recipe

  • What kind of diet plan do you suggest in weight management and Fitness program?
    It will not be the same for all the person, as everyone is unique and their eating habits and health preferences are different, we give personalised diet plan for each individual. We support all kind for diets popular in the world which includes, Low carb diet, Paleo diet, Intermittent fasting diet, Low fat diet, Plant-based diet, Mediterranean diet.
  • I am vegetarian, can i enrol for the diet plan?"
    Yes, you can do this diet. We have a huge number of clients on the vegetarian healthy diet getting fantastic results with us.
  • How much weight can i exepcet to lose in your program?
    It's again depend on person to person, but on an avarage most of our clients lose 10% of their body weight quite conveniently in 2-3 months of time, and bottom line is everyone will lose weight in our program,
  • Will i not gain back the weight which i lose in the weight management program?
    We make sure that your get the smooth and sustainable transition from out diet to normal diet, so that your weight loss is a scalable one and doesn’t come back.
  • I travel frequently and go out for parties and do social gathering, will this diet plan work for me?"
    Yes, we can make this work. We make sure we personalize the diet plan, which is exactly match with your lifestyle
  • What if i don't lose weight after joining the program?
    Thill date all the past clients who have taken this program, could able to reduce significant amount of weight and many have achieved their ideal BMI. There is no option you will not lose the weight in our program.
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