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Become a Business Partner + A Wellness coach /A Yoga Instructor

Fitness has exploded into a nearly 100 billion dollar global industry as more people become obsessed with their health!

Intense Training

Coach Self Exploration

Health & fitness has grown tremendously and is projected to become one of the largest job creators.

Hip Hop Class

Dance Self Exploration

Preventative Health Care and Increasingly-Health Conscious Audience

Meditation Class

Yoga Self Exploration

Demand for At-Home Workouts and Consumers Favor Health Over Convenience

How to become a Coach!

1. Get Certified

Currently we accept the following certifications

Currently we accept the above certifications:


Once you’ve cleared the certification, you will need to train clients under our FTP program for a period of 4 weeks or more. This is an integral part of the process as we gain insight into your client-handling skills


3. Fitness test and personal Interview

Next, your personal fitness levels will be assessed and you can appear for a final interview round. If you clear all these steps - Congratulations! You've made it as a our coach.


Why Coach with TFP!

Help you make life easier

Handling clients is not an easy job. We understand the needs of coaches and provide them with latest tools that allow them to deliver exceptional results consistently

Support at each phase

At TFP, we genuinely care about our coaches and want to support them every step of the way. 


At TFP, we respect the uniqueness of each individual coach and preserve their personal touch in each consultation, Our coaches work part time as well as full time from different geographical locations 

Compensation worthy of your commitment

Our individuals coaches are some of the highest paid in the industry & are extremely happy with us.

Always feel free to reach us for any clarification!


Our Vision

The Fitness Plate community

Our vision is to lead the society with authenticated and proven knowledge of health and Fitness. Spread awareness of holistic health. Build a parallel health system with the help of wellness coaches and Yoga worries where all the Acquired diseases can be avoided.

This is not just the vision but a cause and being a part of this cause would keep our self motivated. 

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