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This is one of our fitness coach’s transformation story. She is a home-maker & stay-at-home parent to a beautiful daughter. She has started gaining weight due to her mismanaged thyroid ( which she had been suffering thyroid more that 15 years) which was making it hard to loose weight.
She is very popular and famous because of her charming communication skills, all the family members, relatives and friends have suggested to reduce her weight as everyone care for her, but last suggestion come from her daughter which she couldn’t refuse, she thought this is the ”high time” “now now or never”, then she approached us for weight management, we helped her with our knowledge and with all means, she got thrilled with her weight reduction and done good study to know more, she had done certification in fitness coaching and we have provided good training for replicating the results,
Now she is helping , mentoring and coaching 100 more people for fitness programs.
These skills and learning will be with her for life long and she will bring happiness and confidence in many life.

Cheers and All the very best

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